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By Al Fasoldt

Is this an alien craft?
UFO over a cruise ship Internet photo. Page copyright © 2014 by Al Fasoldt. All rights reserved.
WHAT IS THIS? After decades of flim-flam doctored photos of UFOs -- enough to make even the most willing believer into a skeptic -- this photo surfaced over the weekend. It is a frame from a video originally taken by an amateur and published on You Tube. It's possible the unidentified flying object was a drone of some sort or even an experimental military aircraft, but this is not obvious in the video. The craft was high enough to fly into clouds, and that meant it was also large enough to be a full-size craft of some sort. The video was taken by a passenger on a cruise ship off Florida. The audio track shows that many others saw the UFO also. (I enlarged this photo using a technique that creates huge enlargements while restoring details that are only hinted at in the originals.)

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