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Gene Wolf dead

Gene Wolf, my longtime partner in TV and radio and a former columnist at my newspaper, died last week at his home in Tennessee. He was 63.

Gene was shot to death in what police described as a family quarrel over dogs. His sister was also slain. His sister's son was wounded and was hospitalized. I'll provide more information when I know more. -- Al Fasoldt



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Just another gallery at the Louvre, just another Leonardo doodle
Photo copyright © 2015 by Al Fasoldt. All rights reserved.

THIS IMMENSE gallery at the Louvre is impressive not just because it seems to go on forever -- with other, similar galleries just as spectacular close by -- but also for a simple display jutting out from the right. It's the Mona Lisa, behind bullet-proof glass. Nothing prepares you for the sight of the real painting just a few feet in front of your eyes.

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