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Siri-ous stuff -- Secrets of Siri, the virtual assistant for the iPad and iPhone. Monday, Jan. 26, 1 - 3 p.m.

Make online buying hacker-resistant. Tuesday, Feb. 10, 10 a.m. - noon.

The Cloud, 101 -- How to take advantage of online storage methods. Wednesday, February 18, 10 am - noon.

Is this a setup? -- How to master the little-known settings of the iPhone and iPad. Monday, March 30, 2 - 4 pm

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Al and Nancy Fasoldt
Technology writer and photographer Al Fasoldt writes about consumer technology for The Post-Standard in Syracuse, NY, USA, and for Technofile Online. He and his wife, Nancy, host workshops in computers and photography. This Web site is run independently of the newspaper and its Web site,

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By Al Fasoldt

   Radio that made your ears proud
Gene, Mark And Al At Wayne'S Computer, 1990s    Photo by Wayne Bibbens. Page copyright © 2014 by Al Fasoldt. All rights reserved.
THOSE WERE THE DAYS my friend, and Gene Wolf, Mark Yafchak and I thought they'd never end. We had an incredible blast hosting the best call-in show in the history of radio, Random Access. In this photo, we're doing a live Internet feed from Wayne's Computer store in Elbridge, with Gene at the left, me in the center and Mark on the right, back in the '90s. Wayne's was an original sponsor and never wavered in its support, even when we poked fun at Wayne or the store. The show was on the air from 1840 to 2004, or something like that. All of us miss that show. Send $250,000 in cash or stamps (no coins, please) and we'll see if we can get the show going again. By the way, Wayne's is still going strong; it will mark its 40th anniversary five years from now. Stop by and say hi to Wayne for us. It's at 100 Route 5 in Elbridge.

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