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Technology writer and photographer Al Fasoldt writes about consumer technology for The Post-Standard in Syracuse, NY, USA, and for Technofile Online. He and his wife, Nancy, host workshops in computers and photography. This Web site is run independently of the newspaper and its Web site,

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By Al Fasoldt

Cover photo: It's generational

Max And Cooper  Photo by Nancy Fasoldt. Copyright © 2014 by Al Fasoldt. All rights reserved.
GRANDPA NEEDS REST now and then. That's a given. But how about Great Grandpa? No sooner had I fallen asleep than Max, my daughter's youngest, came bouncing into bed, giggling and trying to hide. Grandma saw this and tucked my granddaughter's son, Cooper, between me and Max. Cooper was the only one who wasn't trying to be silly or giggly.

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