Some of the best apps for iPads and Android tablets.
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Tablets 101: The best apps

January 27, 2013

By Al Fasoldt
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Now that you've got that tablet, what can you do with it? Last week we looked at where to get apps. This week, in the second session in our three-week class on Tablets 101, we'll consider a few of the best apps. Pay attention and please don't block the screen.

iPad apps: Notes, built into the iPad, is an excellent word processor. But Pages ($9.99) is a fantastic word processor with great desktop publishing functions. The iPad's Mail app and Safari web browser are great, and no substitutes are needed. Numbers ($9.99) is an iPad spreadsheet app that does what Excel does (including reading and writing Excel tables) while making Excel look hard. iPhoto ($4.99) for the iPad is my choice for the best consumer photo-editing software for tablet or computer. (Yes, it's that good.)

Freebies for the iPad you won't want to miss: Zite for an instant news-and-feature magazine, Wikipanion for an intuitive way of reading Wikipedia articles, Bible+1 for a superb (and multi-version) study and reading app, AppShopper to keep up with the latest apps, and the Kindle app to read Kindle books on an iPad.

Android apps: Quickoffice Pro HD ($19.99) is my choice for outstanding MS Office compatibility and a great Microsoft Word-compatible word processor. Write ($2.99) is perfect for general word processing and could not be easier to use. The Chrome web browser (free) is a must -- it's the best browser for Android -- if your tablet didn't come with it already. The Apexlauncher (free) provides a new-looking interface with a lot of customizable features. Don't be surprised if you get hooked. Finally, Touch Retouch ($.99) is the Android version of a fabulous iPad photo touch-up app. It works just as well. And you'll just have to replace Android's clunky email app with Aqua Mail (free).

Freebies for Android: Flipboard is cool for creating an instant news and feature magazine, but would be second to Zite except for the lack of a good version of Zite for Android. Music the way you want it? Get Pandora Internet radio. If you're a Windows user who loved WinAmp, get the app of the same name for music playback. I do a lot of voice mail and would be lost without HiQ MP3, which makes quick audio recordings. Keeping track of expenses is what Fiancisto was born to do, and managing a photo collection is a snap for JustPictures.

Microsoft Surface Apps: They are all too new to review. Be cautious if you have a Surface RT tablet: So-called Windows apps for RT are not actual Windows programs and won't run on a PC. Nor will PC programs of any kind run on a Surface RT. Sound like a mess? Potential customers seem to think so. Surface sales have been dismal.

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